UPCOMING EVENT: Harnessing Purpose for a Thriving Workplace Culture

DATE: January 14th, 2020


Rose Rocket
70 The Esplanade #200
Toronto, ON M5E 1R2

We all want to love what we do. It’s not enough just to have a job; you need to know how the position fits into your larger purpose. In a recent survey, 8 in 10 Canadians say they would leave their job for a job at an organization that has a social purpose!

But where do you start? At the next Culture Collective Toronto event, Jessica Pelchat, National Director of culture change and purpose consultancy at Kin&Co, will walk us through the key steps to take (and blunders to avoid) in building a purpose-driven culture. Areas that will be covered together, include:

  • Why purpose is key to building a great workplace culture
  • Common missteps (in other words, what not to do)
  • The integral steps to defining your purpose and building out a strong workplace culture
  • How to know whether you’re doing it right (hint: measurement!)

Event Schedule:

6:00 PM – Arrival + networking over drinks & snacks

6:30 PM – Interactive presentation on culture & purpose

7:15 PM – Open Q&A & closing group activity

7:45 PM – Closing remarks & networking

Our Guest Speaker:

Jessica Pelchat is the National Director leading the Canadian division of Kin&Co, an award-winning culture and behaviour change consultancy that makes every organization work for the world. She brings a wealth of experience working at the intersection of strategy, sustainability and communications over the last decade, guiding some of Canada’s largest employers in both the corporate and not for profit sectors to realize their goals through holistic organizational change backed by a data-driven approach. Believing that siloed CSR strategies are a thing of the past, she is driven by the transformation and triple-bottom-line growth of a purpose-driven business. She cares deeply about the people she works with – making sure that the serious work of social change also includes some playfulness, an occasional pun, and little moments of bold inspiration.



Jade Garrido
Communications and Culture Manager at Rose Rocket

As a People & Culture Professional, Jade develops people strategies to effectively scale team growth, while cultivating a vibrant and inclusive company culture. She maintains the happiness and well-being of teams by focusing on the big and small moments that make their workplace life positive, brighter, and more productive.

Jade Garrido
Communications and Culture Manager at Rose Rocket
Steph Brown
Director of Culture at Zymewire

Steph believes that every organization should have someone who's passionate about elevating the employee experience. Helping others find fulfilment and excitement in the work place has always been a natural extension of roles throughout her career. Now as Director of Culture for Zymewire, Steph is honoured to lead the company's overall people strategy in alignment with long-term business objectives.

Steph Brown
Director of Culture at Zymewire


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