At the Culture Collective our mission is to connect, empower, and inspire culture champions around the world. During this period of change and uncertainty we believe the power of community is even more important. That’s why we have decided to host and create space for our community to continue learning and co-creating virtually. We will be leading group discussions, hosting thought-leaders, moderating panels, and exploring new tools for remote culture. Join any of our sessions in your time zone led by our chapter leaders around the world!




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APRIL 15th

Join NYC Chapter in an interactive Zoom conversation around “Adjusting to Remote Work Culture” where we’ll explore how to translate the best parts of in-person company culture to the new online reality.

APRIL 23rd

Join Lansing's Chapter in this group discussion moderated by Dave Zink, Director of Shared Services at TechSmith Corporation on do's and don'ts while transitioning into remote work.

APRIL 29th

Join Culture Collective's Global Community Manager, Lisa Paredes, in a fireside chat with Tom Freeman from Headspace on how we can increase productivity during a crisis by creating a culture of wellbeing.

MAY 5th

In our second Culture Collective NYC Chapter virtual meet-up we will explore what workplace transparency and connection at their best look like and how we can create that for our organizations as we continue to work remotely.

MAY 13th and MAY 20th (SPANISH)

In this two workshops, led by Mexico City´chapter, two psychologists will be leading a discussion and talking about the challenges we are now facing to continue creating and maintaining great cultures where people stay engaged, productive, and happy.

MAY 29th

join us for an interactive Zoom conversation around “Creating Professional and Personal Boundaries at Work” where we’ll explore what these boundaries look like, how you set them for your self, and how you encourage your team and organization to adopt them as well.

JUNE 2nd

Join our fireside chat with our expert of the month, Katelin Holloway, to discuss how culture has become top of mind for CEOs, founders, HR professionals, and people leaders across industries during this time.

JUNE 30th

Help us kick-off our very first event and official launch of Culture Collective-Houston Chapter! This is the first event of its kind in Houston and we’d love for you to join us and set the tone for many more events to come.


Join our LATAM chapters Santiago, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, and San Salvador for this webinar where they will touch on how recruiting has changed and evolved with digital transformation.


Join Mexico City's chapter in this talk, during which they will be addressing how to design a thoughtful and empathetic process when it comes to making the difficult decision to let talent go. Hear from leaders from Didi, and Airbnb who had the first-hand experience in this process and approach it with a focus on prioritizing the human side of the employee experience.


Join Raleigh's chapter inaugural event and be a part of this hands-on webinar during which we will learn how to develop and/or adapt an intentional culture to reinforce values, guide decisions, and promote engagement during times of change and chaos.


Join us for Guatemala City's inaugural event in collaboration with Impact Hub during which we will be talking about culture and the importance of creating a culture with a sense of purpose and meaning.


Join us for this candid virtual lunch & learn discussion on race and belonging in company culture. Hear from guest speakers Mary Gerges, the Strategic Engagement and Communications Lead for Canada’s leading Indigenous advisory firm specializing in working with Indigenous communities and Geoff Ayi-Bonte, Leadership and Organization Development Consultant and a seasoned Registered Clinical Counsellor with over two decades of experience.


Join us for a lively discussion with Torian Richardson and led by our San Francisco chapter on how we can show courage as an ally and stand in solidarity with those we care about - by first doing the work required of ourselves.


Join us for a candid, interactive virtual meetup as we explore new ideas where it comes to the future of work in our ever-changing world. Remote work? Hybrid work? What's worked for you and what are some challenges?


As Culture Collective NYC Chapter, we look forward to facilitating a meaningful conversation that results in new connections, ideas, and potential collaborations.


Join us to hear from our guest speakers about how the intentional design of an office has an impact on culture and how this will change with our new reality.


Join us for a candid, interactive virtual meetup as we explore what good culture looks like.


In this talk, we will talk about what strategies and actions we should be taken to have more women leaders and the impact and benefit of reducing gender gaps in organizations.


This event is hosted by our Santiago, Bogotá, San Salvador, and Buenos Aires chapters. We will be talking about the impact innovative benefits can have on culture.


This event is hosted by our Houston chapter and we will be hearing from Lisbeth Janelle Founder at Zently Workplace, and Sarah Kim our chapter leader and Co-Founder at Culture Architect, will be discussing what mindful leadership means and how it can maximize team potential.


Join us for a chat with Fred Stawitz, author of the award-winning book ``Don't run naked through the office`` and event moderator Sarah Kim, Co-founder of Culture Architect, about the topic of sustainable profitability, what most businesses strive to achieve, and the impact our work environments have on it.


Join us for a chat with Asiya Hasan-Damen & Fraser Warren from Cultuurloop to talk about the Emotional Culture Deck (ECD).


Lara Menke, Business Psychologist and Co-Founder / CEO at CAIA (a London based Leadership Consultancy), will join us and we will explore how how psychometric testing can predict a great cultural fit between you and your company.


This session will dive into some evidence-based strategies for managing teams in a remote environment.


Learn how a Toronto software company assessed, adapted, and marched forward during a year of uncertainty and disconnect.


In this free meet-up, join the Culture collective in a discussion that is very overdue as we explore the dance of self and other, freedom and structure, and the future cultures that we'd like to create.


Join us for an interactive, virtual workshop exploring how we can use improvisation to enhance team collaboration.